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3 tips for hiring a landscape maintenance company for your HOA community

Here are the pros’ three most important success tips for hiring an HOA landscape maintenance company.

It’s finally time to review your landscaping service … and we salute you! You’ve taken on a big job. As a homeowners’ association member who’s investing time and passion to volunteer as a leader on your community’s board, you’re truly showing your commitment to making a difference, and to improving the community you live in.

You know that choosing the right vendors to work with you will make life easier for you, and

everyone involved in the complex tasks of managing your property. But how do you begin—especially if you have limited experience in the demands of landscaping and grounds keeping?

You turn to the experts! Professionals, both on our team and among the many property

managers we’ve worked with over the years, all consistently share the following advice:

When hiring an HOA landscape maintenance company, look for

  • versatile service offerings,

  • consistent team members,

  • and qualities that inspires trust—including a strong track record, prompt responses, and a willingness to share their expertise (not just “yes” you).

Let’s look at why these matter, and how to uncover them.

HOA commercial landscaping in Fuquay-Varina

3 tips for hiring a landscape maintenance company

1. Choose vendors who are able to be versatile

When you’re choosing an HOA landscaping company, access to an array of turnkey services is a big plus. Having one centralized company responding to work orders:

  • simplifies communication and customer service;

  • helps the team become familiar with the community’s needs, so they are best prepared to address and resolve issues quickly;

  • and helps the community get to know and trust the teams/technicians that serve them.

Ask the companies you interview about their scope of services, how they decide what

would be included in your service agreements and how non-included services would be

arranged and billed. If they don’t offer all the services you might need, find out about their

approach to collaborating with additional vendors.

The last thing you need is a situation where one blames the other for problems—and you

get caught in the middle!

2. Ensure the crew members assigned to your property will be consistent.

This one is so important, yet highly undervalued. Think about it: when team members come and go there’s no opportunity for them to acquire the detailed knowledge of your land, local environment, and your community. Even the best notes are no substitute for

experienced grounds keepers recognizing how seasonal light, water and pests impact your

neighborhood. And rotating staff can’t work together to gain efficiency or effectiveness.

Look for a more consistent core team.

NOTE: This is something to pay close attention to, because most landscaping companies’

operating structure is based on having a large percentage of employees come and go at the end of each season.

3. Look for qualities that inspire trust.

Though trust is something that has to be nurtured over time, during the evaluation process

you can look for the qualities and markers that suggest a maintenance company can be

trusted. It’s similar to how you would evaluate any vendor or potential partner. Topping the

list our pros look at:

  • a strong track record with other customers,

  • prompt responses to your initial communications,

  • and being honest in sharing their expertise with you.

Your community will evolve and grow throughout the years, with residents and board members who come and go—and weather changes always impacting its needs! Approaching your assessment with these tips for hiring a landscape maintenance company in mind is the best way to ensure the long-term results your members demand to protect their property values. And if you’re in the Raleigh area, we hope you’ll contact us to explore the possibilities!

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