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HOA - Especific FAQ

  • How do we start doing business with Jersey LandscapingNC™?
    Simple: just schedule a no-obligation, no-sales-pitch, consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, evaluate your property, and then present a proposal so you can make an informed decision with your board members and/or decision-makers.
  • How many crews do you have? Can you handle more business accounts?
    We currently have five specialized crews. We grow according to the demand for our distinctive way of doing business. When you decide to engage our services, we pour our hearts and resources into your property, and always focus on making a difference. We are small enough to care about every new project we undertake, and big enough to make an impact by delivering the proposed results.
  • What makes Jersey LandscapingNC™ different?
    We like consistency, and are structured to make that possible. Our crews and management are all involved in customer care, so we are quick to answer concerns and/or execute additional work order requests. Making your life easy, and stress-free, as an HOA member and/or management company—at least on the Landscape Maintenance side—is our mission, so you can focus on dealing with other important management tasks.
  • Why should we choose Jersey LandscapingNC™?
    The investments and trust you place in us transfer into developing and retaining specialized crews all year round. They get to know your property well, thus giving you consistent results you will not find elsewhere! While most landscaping companies are reducing personnel at the end of each season to cut costs, we continue to develop our crews to be better for the coming season.
  • In the HOA community we live in, some of the residents are complicated. How will you address complicated residents in our community?"
    We like complicated clients; we learn a lot from them. We care, and we try to hear and understand their concerns. With our consistent hard-working crews, our management, and our firm’s passion for what we do, the residents become familiar with us in a short time, thus establishing trust within the community for happy long-term relationships.
  • What to expect once we decide to work with Jersey LandscapingNC™?
    Expect happy residents in your HOA Community! We strive to make a difference in all aspects of our life, business, and for the people we come in contact with. We realize that managing your HOA or Commercial property is a complex business; investing in the right vendors or service providers will save you headaches, while helping to retain or elevate the value of your property. And it’s possible that too many times, as property owners, you have been disappointed by someone promising and not delivering. We are confident in committing that if you put your trust in us we will focus our efforts, and dedicate both our hearts and resources to providing you with the proposed results as well as humanly possible. We thrive on successful and enduring partnerships. HOA & Commercial contracts are for one year. We invite you to see the difference by trying us for one year!
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